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Lenten Programme

Mass During Lent: 8am and 10am Monday to Friday. Saturday 10am. Weekends as normal.

Stations of the Cross: An opportunity to pray the Stations of the Cross will be available each Friday morning of Lent after the 10am Mass

Evening Prayer: Evening prayer will take place each Friday of Lent at 5.40pm in the Adoration Chapel.

Eucharistic Adoration: Takes place each Friday (10.30am – 6pm) and Saturday (10.30am -2pm) of Lent in the Adoration Chapel.

Consider taking a short term pledge for Lent: Do something special this Lent and abstain from Alcohol for six weeks. For information contact Lily Leacy on 053 9235365. You can also visit  the website www.pioneerassociation.ie

WALK WITH ME BOOKLET A Lenten Journey of Prayer for 2020 -This booklet is full of prayers and daily reflections for Lent and is available in the CTS Stand and in the Parish Office. Price €1.30 Limited availability.



Trocaire boxes are available in the Church.  Please take one home with you and support as best you can.  There is also a special envelope in your envelope box for his purpose.  The people of the Parish and diocese have always been extremely generous year in year out and on behalf of Trocaire we say thank you. Trocaire is one of the great success stories of the Irish Church and we are very proud of it.  Let us continue to support those who fight the cause of the poor and the dispossessed. We welcome all contributions in whatever form they come but we are especially appreciative of those who kindly convert their Trocaire collection into larger denomination coins or notes. This reduces the work of counting the collection. Perhaps you can help us in this manner this year. Visit www.trocaire.org