Patron 2017

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Date(s) - 13 Aug 2017
3:00 pm - 3:45 pm







The Patron in St Mary’s Cemetery and Enniscorthy Cemetery takes place, as usual on the second Sunday of August, 13th at 3pm. Everyone is welcome to attend the Patron. You are encouraged to tend to family graves in advance of Patron. Preparing for this annual service is a huge undertaking and many people are involved. Please continue to support them by keeping the Cemetery tidy (bring home rubbish if possible).  The sorting and disposal of rubbish is an enormous task for those involved, and they appeal for the co-operation of parishioners and people when using the bins in the cemetery.  Please remember: 1. To co-operate with Graveyard Tidy Town workers and voluntary Cemetery Committee while you are tending graves. 2. Please use the bins provided.   (Bringing home your own rubbish would greatly assist). 3. Do not put stones or heavy objects into the bins. 4. Do not put glass of any kind, i.e. bottles or vases into bins. 5. Do not put wreaths into the bins. These objects can be taken home or you may place them neatly beside the bins so as to assist the workers when emptying the bins.


1. All headstone/kerbing work must be complete before Sunday 6th August.

2. No stonemasons/heavy machinery will be permitted from that date.

3. Patron goers are asked to co-operate with  the Gardaí, Parking attendants and Cemetery Committee when accessing parking in the environs of the cemetery. To help with traffic management we encourage as many people as possible to use the Summerhill entrance.

4. Please afford the volunteers every courtesy as they give freely of their time to enhance the comfort and safety of people attending the Patron.

5. On-street parking is not allowed as it greatly impairs the comfortable flow of pedestrian traffic on Patron Sunday.

6. People with elderly, infirm or disabled relatives who need access to the cemetery for parking on the day are asked to contact the Parish Office for a pass or contact Andy Thorpe in the Cemetery any weekday morning.  Spaces are limited.

Special Thanks: Thanks is extended to the Cemetery Committee and Tidy Towns Workers including Andy Thorpe (Assistant Caretaker), for their hard work throughout the year, in all weathers.  Thanks to Larry Dunbar for his valuable assistance. Thanks also to the Gardaí for parking and traffic management and the volunteer Parking/Traffic Attendants. Thanks to Mr Dan Kickham for permission to park on his property. Thanks to you, the Parishioners, and all visitors to St. Mary’s Cemetery and Enniscorthy Cemetery for so carefully and lovingly attending to family graves.

Cemetery Collection: Each year a collection for the upkeep of the Cemetery is taken up and your support is greatly appreciated. This collection is vital for the committee and assists them with their work in the cemetery throughout the year. Thank you in anticipation of your generosity.

Our Cemeteries:  They are sacred places where our loved ones are buried and it is our duty to care for their sacred resting places, in a manner that reflects the dignity of the human person and our belief.  We are asked to respect these resting places and the graves and property of other people who visit the cemetery.  We thank you for showing respect in our Cemeteries.