Patron Sunday 14th August

Published on July 28, 2022

Sunday 14th August after 10am Mass
Sunday 14th August at 3pm
You are encouraged to tend to family graves in advance of Patrons. Please continue to support the Cemetery Committee, workers and voluntary workers by keeping the cemetery tidy. The committee appeals to everyone to co-operate when using the bins provided. We thank you for showing respect in our Cemeteries. They are sacred places where our loved ones are buried and it is our duty to care for their sacred resting places, in a manner that reflects the dignity of the human person and our belief. We are asked to respect these resting places and the graves and property of other people who visit the cemetery.
You are requested;
Not to put stones or heavy objects into the bins.
Not to put glass of any kind into the bins.
Please take these objects home with you or place them neatly beside the bins so as to assist the voluntary workers when emptying the bins. Your co-operation in this regard would greatly help these dedicated people in keeping our cemetery in the beautiful condition to which we have become accustomed.
Safety: As a matter of safety it is necessary that all works to be conducted by monumental works companies i.e. erection of headstones, kerbing, cleaning and sand blasting be completed by Sunday 7th August. No monumental workers or their vehicles will permitted into the cemetery after that date. Should your Family grave need any professional attention please contact your monumental professional advising them of your needs and the time limitations that prevail.
Parking Pass: People with elderly, infirm or disabled relatives who need access to the cemetery for parking on the day are asked to contact the Parish Office for a pass. Spaces are limited.