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Ministers of the Eucharist

The Eucharistic Minister offers communion to other members of the community at Mass, or brings communion to those who are unable to attend Mass. The Eucharistic Minister assists the celebrant at Mass in sharing the sacred Body and Blood of Christ.

The following are the Eucharistic Ministers at Saint Aidans Cathedral Enniscorthy:

Richard Gannon – Co-ordinator

Ajimon  C.         Alex                             

Jozef                Bolka                           

Sorcha              Byrne                           

Jerry                 Canty                           

Serena              Casey                          

Andrea              Conroy                        

Ciaran               Cronin                          

Niamh               Crowhurst                                

Betty                Doyle                          

Aine                  Doyle                          

Mary                 Gannon                        

Aine                  Harris                           

Frank                Hughes                        

Mary                 Jowett                         

Liam                 Jowett                         

Margaret           Kavanagh Casey          

Margo               Kehoe                          

Fiona                Keegan                        

Lily                   Leacy                          

Sheila               Martin                          

Tara                  Manning                       

Katie                 McVeigh                      

Robert              Morycki                                   

Dominic            Morycki                                   

Breda               Murphy                        

Philomena         Murphy                        

Bridget               Murphy                        

Mary                 Murphy                        

Una                  Murphy                        

Breda               Nolan                           

Jackie               O’Connor                     

Catherine          O’Connor                     

Mary                 O’Connor                     

Maggie             O’Connor                     

Bridget Ann       O’Leary                        

Kay                  O’ Regan                                 

Danny               O’Rourke                     

Maureen            O’Shea                        

Marie                O’Tiarnaigh                   

Maureen            Peare                           

Sinead              Roche                          

Sonnie              Somers                        

John                 Tobin                           

Arlete                Wolak