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Parish Pastoral Council 2017/18

Parish Pastorai Council 2017 / 2018
The Parish Pastoral Council is a leadership structures that enable priests and people to work together to build up a dynamic Christian community that is characterised by faith, evangelisation, worship and service. To this end it discerns what is best for the parish in light of the gospel, the church’s teaching and what the Holy Spirit is saying through the

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Unfortunately due to technical difficulties beyond our control the webcam will not be operational this weekend. We hope to have it resolved as early as possible next week…


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Adoration Appeal

Here in St Aidan’s, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament takes place after the 10am Mass every Friday and Saturday. On Friday it concludes at 6pm and on Saturdays at 2pm. Please do consider spending some of your time on these days to adore the Lord Jesus really present in the Eucharist: to pray for yourself, your family, the Church and