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Patron Dates for 2019


CHILDREN’S PATRON in St. Mary’s Cemetery Monday 1st July at 7pm

CHERRYORCHARD Thursday 4th July at 7pm

PRESENTATION CONVENT Thursday 11th July at 7pm

CATHEDRAL CEMETERY Sunday 11th August at 11.50am



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St. Aidan’s Cathedral Pastoral Council

St. Aidan’s Cathedral Pastoral Council

The concept of Pastoral Councils stemmed from Vatican II in 1965 and, since then the Church has repeatedly recommended the development of pastoral councils as a means of encouraging the shared responsibility of all the baptized in the life and mission of the church. When Pope John Paul II spoke to over 100 bishops in

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Adoration Appeal

Here in St Aidan’s, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament takes place after the 10am Mass every Friday and Saturday. On Friday it concludes at 6pm and on Saturdays at 2pm. Please do consider spending some of your time on these days to adore the Lord Jesus really present in the Eucharist: to pray for yourself, your family, the Church and

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Advertise in the Parish Newsletter


If you are a ‘not for profit’ community group/club/organisation and would like to publicise upcoming events or report on your club or groups activities, then you can do so through our Parish Newsletter.  All notices must be received in writing. Please send your notice into the Parish Office before 6pm each Wednesday.

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Contributing to life in St. Aidan’s Parish

We are privileged to work with the community of St. Aidan’s Parish in its life of prayer and service. Our community is a happy one in which much good is done. Both of us rejoice in this goodness. We hope to continue with the excellent work of our priestly predecessors and the committees of the parish. Therefore, this leaflet is an acknowledgement of all the good that is done by so many. If you are one of the people who contribute to the life of this parish by voluntary effort, financial support, or both, we say a sincere thank you and encourage you to continue that involvement. However, if you have not, up to this, been involved with us, but are well disposed to the Church, and are positive to such involvement, then this leaflet is your invitation to join with us in continuing this good work.

In this leaflet you will find a variety of ways in which you can be involved and put your gifts at the service of all.

» Download our Leaflet on Contributing to life in St. Aidan’s Parish