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Parish Pastoral Council

St. Aidan’s Cathedral Pastoral Council

The concept of Pastoral Councils stemmed from Vatican II in 1965 and, since then the Church has repeatedly recommended the development of pastoral councils as a means of encouraging the shared responsibility of all the baptized in the life and mission of the church. When Pope John Paul II spoke to over 100 bishops in Asia, in New Delhi, he proposed that they ‘foster greater involvement of the laity and consecrated men and women in pastoral planning and decision making through such structures as pastoral councils and parish assemblies.’

Members of The Parish Pastoral Council 

Members of the Parish Pastoral Council are: Fr. Odhrán Furlong, Fr Billy Swan, Lily Leacy, Patricia McNally,Bridie Morrissey, Marie O’Tiarnaigh,Colm O’Tiarnaigh, Fiona McCoole (Secretary), Adrian Cathcart, Elma Rossiter, Philomena Murphy,Mary Jowett,Pauline Talbot, Caroline O’Reilly.

We are delighted to also have two transition year students from the CBS on our council also.
A Parish Pastoral Council is a leadership structure that enables priests,religious and lay people to work together to build up a dynamic Christian community that is characterised by faith, evangelisation, worship and service. To this end, it discerns what is best for the parish in light of the gospel, the church’s teaching, and what the Holy Spirit is saying through the People of God.

Today this fresh vision for the Church is becoming a reality, as pastoral councils are being embraced by more and more parishes as a means of moving forward towards the new evangelization.

St. Aidan’s Cathedral pastoral council was set up following a parish Mission in 2010. A core group who helped on the committee for the Mission were invited to become involved on the first Parish Pastoral Council,and the first meeting was held on 2nd June 2010.

A mission statement for the pastoral council was agreed upon and it can be seen written in stone at the entrance to the Cathedral. It reads: “We the parishioners of St. Aidan’s parish, a caring community routed in the gospel of Jesus Christ and united around the table of the Eucharist, strive to reflect the love and mercy of God. We are committed to making our parish a place where each person feels welcomed accepted and valued”.