Arranging a Baptism

Preparation Meeting for Parents

XXX requires parents to attend a preparation meeting before registering a child for Baptism.

This is an H3 Heading

Baptismal Ministers (H5 heading)

Baptism Ministers have been established in the Parish for over twenty years. They welcome the child on behalf of the Parish.
At present there are about twelve people on the team.Families are contacted by one of the ministers the week before their Baptism is due, to arrange a home visit, to help in the immediate preparation for Baptism.

Dates for Baptism Ceremonies

Please ensure booking is made 4 weeks in advance. Preparatory meeting will take place with parents and Baptismal Group.

Baptismal Certificates

Baptismal Certificates can be obtained from the Parish Office. To facilitate us in our search for your Baptismal Certificate we need the following details as accurately as possible. Please give as much information as you can.

  • First Names
  • Family Name
  • Father’s First Name and Family Name
  • Mother’s First Name and Maiden Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Parish in which you were baptised
  • Your full postal address

The above information can be emailed to us at xxxxx or posted to us at: